Obesity and Weight Loss


Obesity is one of the modifiable risk factors of heart disease. You should do all that is possible to control obesity – Eat more fruits and vegetables — Exercise at least 30 minutes a day — Rduce intake of fatty and sugary foods—Select the right diet suitable for you—Make sure your body is not deficient in any micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids—Find Support

Natural Way to Reduce Obesity Without Spending a Dime.

Follow the tips and yoga exercises demonstrated by Baba Ramdev in this video. You can even personally visit “Yoggram” an personally get trained on doing these exercises. You do not need costly equipments for doing exercise. 

7 दिनों में 15 किलो वजन कम करे (Reduce 15 KG in 7 Days)

Courtesy: Bharat Swabhiman

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