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Maharishi amrit kalash mak 4
Herbal fruit concentrate
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MAHARISHI AMRIT KALASH MAK 4 – Herbal Fruit Concentrate 600g

Maharishi amrit kalash mak 4

his isn’t an ordinary Rasayana.

Amrit Kalash is a masterful synergy of embodied intelligence of many herbs, all promoting perfect health, bliss, longevity and the development of full human potential — enlightenment. This blend of herbs has been tested through the centuries and shown to work, and neither the herbs nor the level of care involved in selecting, picking and preparing these ancient foods is anything less than extraordinary.

There is a beautiful narration in Indian mythology that serves as the perfect analogy for how Amrit Kalash came into being. The story is called Samudra Manthan — The Churning of the Ocean.

Once, in ancient times, humanity was steeped in suffering. The Devas and the Asuras, the gods and the demons, got together and made a solemn resolve in the deepest level of their consciousness to find a solution for the suffering. Together they churned the mighty ocean, from where they had been told relief would appear. And when they churned the waters, Amrit Kalash — known as the Nectar of Immortality — appeared. With this precious gift of Amrit Kalash, all of humanity recovered its health and happiness.

Many millennia later, in the 1980s, when the stresses of the modern lifestyle were beginning to seriously impact the well-being of people everywhere — stress from the environment, stress from time pressures, emotional stress, mental stress, physical exhaustion — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation® program, gathered together the most eminent ayurvedic scholars and physicians of the time to see what could be done to alleviate people’s suffering. One of the first things to emerge from these collective deliberations was a powerful Rasayana to nourish mind, body and spirit in a very holistic and balanced way. Appropriately, Maharishi decided to name this Rasayana Amrit Kalash. Amrit Kalash represents the essence of the supreme knowledge in the ancient ayurvedic texts.

One of the primary goals of Ayurveda is Swaasthasya Rakshanam — preserving health — and Rasayanas are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigor. Literally translated, a Rasayana is “that which enters the essence” — in other words, that which promotes health and longevity. The Sanskrit definition for a Rasayana is Yat Jara Vyadhi Nashanam Tat Rasayanam — “that which negates old age and disease is called a Rasayana.

There are many individual fruits, herbs and spices in ayurveda that are considered Rasayanas. For example, the main two fruit ingredients in Amrit Kalash, Indian Gooseberry and Indian Gallnut, are both deemed premier Rasayanas in the category of fruit. The ayurvedic texts make it clear that these two fruits support a long, happy, healthy and blissful life. They promote bliss in body, mind, spirit and senses. Turmeric and Long Pepper (Pippali) are Rasayanas in the category of spices, well known for their healing properties. We have another entire group of Rasayana herbs called Medhya Rasayanas. “Medhya” refers to the mind and intellect. The Medhya group of herbs helps enhance the ability to learn, retain and recall information. One such herb in Amrit Kalash is Indian Pennywort or Gotu Kola, which we sometimes call Brahmi. Shankapushpi, or Aloeweed, which is also an ingredient in Amrit Kalash, is another Medhya Rasayana. What makes this combination of powerhouse herbs special is that it is actually a Rasayana of Rasayanas — what could be called a “super” Rasayana. It incorporates all the best qualities of the best herbs in ayurveda, in a synergistic way that delivers all of the benefits that researchers are beginning to tabulate.

Conventional medicine is often about the “one-cause-one-cure” or “magic bullet” effect, whereas ayurvedic Rasayanas are considered holistic, integrated, and preventive, causing a positive impact on the physiology with no side effects.

The difference is essentially in approach. Ayurveda is based on the principles of wholeness and balance, and traditional Rasayanas are formulated to account for both aspects. There are many different kinds of herbs that go into a Rasayana, each chosen and blended carefully in a precise proportion. Amrit Nectar, for example, contains thirty-eight herbs and fruits in combination. This principle or science of herb combination is called Sanyog, and this is one of the most significant offerings of Maharishi Ayurveda.

Some herbs in a formulation are chosen only to balance the effects of other herbs in the formulation. Others are put in because they help the main herbs be better assimilated by the physiology. In Maharishi Ayurveda, single herbs are not typically recommended, because even though an herb may have powerful qualities, it may not be balanced or equally efficacious for everyone who takes it. The incorporation of supporting and balancing herbs helps create a Rasayana capable of wider application — across people of different doshic combinations, for example.

Balancing herbs perform the saatmya function. Loosely translated, that means they make the resulting formulation acceptable or “friendly” to the physiology — no side effects, relatively easy to digest and assimilate. Because the herbs are used whole, and used in combination, the result is balance, and when there is balance, side effects are not an issue. Modern pharmaceutical drugs, and even some nutritional supplements, are the result of taking the so-called “active” ingredient from a natural substance and working with it in a laboratory. Ayurvedic Rasayanas, on the other hand, rely on the healing prowess of nature’s own intelligence. Amrit Kalash, for example, has both a nurturing effect and a detoxifying effect on the physiology. But because it is a perfectly balanced formulation, it nourishes so perfectly that it creates no ama, or toxins, in the shrotas, or channels of the body, and it cleanses so subtly that the body’s ability to draw sustenance from nourishment is left undisturbed. That is the beauty of a holistic, balanced formulation like Amrit Kalash.

This is especially important for aging baby boomers, because we do not want to age like our parents did. Over a hundred million Americans — 40% of the population — have a degenerative disease, and we have few answers in allopathic medicine for such problems. The magic bullet approach does not work well there, and that is precisely where systems like Maharishi Ayurveda have much to contribute.

Ayurveda seeks to address the root cause — imbalance in the physiology — rather than the symptoms, which are like the tip of an iceberg. If one goes through all the benefits a Rasayana such as Amrit Kalash offers, as they are laid down in ayurvedic texts, they include enhancing longevity, enhancing the intellect, making one’s complexion radiant and lustrous, and enhancing the understanding of deeper, spiritual knowledge. A Rasayana such as Amrit Kalash helps make the senses, the body and the mind more coordinated. As a physician, you probably realize that Amrit Kalash is the ideal Rasayana to offer baby boomers if they are seeking a holistic, natural nutritional formulation to help keep them healthy as they age. Read More



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